Sineren Automotive Parts Co., Ltd.

About Us

  In 2010, we established a professional team dedicated to wholesale auto parts and accessories domestically. Based in Chongqing, the largest industrial center and auto city in Western China, our warehouse center spans over 6,000 square meters. Our customer base spans across more than 70 countries and regions worldwide.

  We specialize in manufacturing and providing OEM parts and high-quality replacement body parts for pickup trucks and SUV, including GREATWALL, MAXUS, CHANGAN, JMC, JAC, ISUZU, FOTON, SHUGUANG, TOYOTA, NISSAN, DODGE, FORD. Our inventory comprises of over 30 series of fast-moving items and more than 150,000 SKU.

  We are committed to building a one-stop procurement platform for Chinese brand auto parts. We take pride in being a professional and leading supplier of auto parts and accessories, offering top-quality products and excellent service to our customers worldwide.


About Us